Spank Nitti James – Disappear Lyrics (feat. Freddie Gibbs)

[Verse 1: Spank Nitti James] Bitch suck dick like she used to be a flip Franklin, blue, [?] Benjamin, you should be a crip I know you see the drip, bitch, we usually be drenched Six in the Sierra midst gettin’ ignorant in the Benz Them niggas tweakin’ again, that’s some Jesus in them [?] to slow me down, […]

Swings – Bulldozer Lyrics

[Intro] Yo, 솔직히 말할게 나 그동안 고민 진짜 많이 했어, 여러가지 사건 이후로 근데 이제 맘 잡았어, 내년은 내 거야 2014, Moon Swings, Just Music, Brand New [Verse 1] 잠깐 쉬는 시간 좀 가졌지. 이건 운동 후의 등목 어떤 래퍼든 내게 까불지? 없어져, 니들의 등, 목 부처인 척, 해탈한 척, 혹은 큰 형인 척하면 네 […]

Davido – Overseas Lyrics (feat. Sina Rambo)

On the beat is Davido Yeah Shizzi Sina Rambo New school things Yeah And I’ll take you overseas girl And I’ll buy you diamond rings girl I’ll do things you won’t believe girl You know say you be my dream girl And I’ll take you overseas girl And I’ll buy you diamond rings girl I’ll do things you won’t […]

Dagny – Paris Lyrics

[Verse 1] You’ve been worrying too much again How we can afford the rent And how our friends are still at ease Now you talkin’ ’bout the places you Always wanted to take me to And how there’s so much we should see [Chorus] But we don’t need, Paris We don’t need, no, ay We don’t need, Paris We don’t need, no, ay [Verse […]

2nd Chapter Of Acts – I’ve Heard The Stars Sing Before Lyrics

I’ve heard the stars sing before I’ve heard angels sing before And they always sing to you They say when you were born And when you die they mourned Oh oh, they killed the lion But he will rise and sin’s disguise Will be open for his body has been broken To redeem us So lay down your life and receive his and live […]