Pop Smoke – Make It Rain Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Dread Woo & Pop Smoke] Dread Woo, nigga, the fuck, nigga? Fuck is wrong with niggas? Niggas don’t really be on shit (Beat by Yamaica Productions, baby) Niggas really be fuckin’ broke, nigga 09 to the fuckin’ Swish, nigga We see niggas in traffic, nigga Then Ricky run, nigga, yeah Suck my dick, nigga To all the fuckin’ opps (They […]

Maren Morris – Takes Two Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] What have you done with yourself? ‘Cause I can’t look away You’re makin’ me melt Now I’m runnin’ late Keep on blamin’ myself ‘Cause I got no restraint But I know I’m not leavin’ You’re not leavin’, not today I shoulda known it And you shoulda too Don’t know where my phone is And neither do you Don’t leave […]

Lil Keed – Fox 5 Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Lil Keed] (Let’s go, Mario) Man, all the hoes in the fuckin’ background, y’all shut the fuck up Fuck you talkin’, man, R5 in the fuckin’ building Show some respect Kick them folks out the spot, slime She still talkin’? (No) Oh, okay [Chorus: Lil Keed] Free Homicide, it was just a homicide, yeah, in the daytime Yeah, seen a […]

YK Osiris – Leave Me on Read Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1: YK Osiris] I hit you with that double text Where you at? What you doin’? You ain’t seen it yet I’m seein’ blue, blue, blue, baby, that’s a bag, uh Call you one time, ’cause I gotta check, ooh-ooh How you not gon’ answer? Postin’ on your Insta Baby, where your manners? Don’t you […]

Kodak Black – VULTURES CRY 2 Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Kodak Black] Helluva made this beat, baby (Oh) [Chorus: Kodak Black] Say he’s a warrior (Oh) He can do anything (He can do anything, oh) Say he’s a vulture, he can fly (He’s a vulture) He can do anything (He can do anything, anything) See I’m a vulture, hear me cry (I’m a vulture) He is a warrior [Verse 1: […]

Zac Brown Band – The Man Who Loves You the Most Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Most nights I try to pack Got you climbin’ on my back Sayin’, “Daddy, when am I gonna see you again?” You know I gotta go out on the road And get on with the show So most nights your mama’s gonna tuck you in [Pre-Chorus] When you’re missin’ me look at the stars up there I’ll be wishin’ […]