Kristian Hoffman – Series Of Yous Lyrics (feat. Paul Zone)

Once again I’m tempting fate, standing near the dusty plate Buying into maxims from the past I’ve been told there’s only one – pick them out and then you’re done Will this brief encounter be the last? I can dress them up like paperback destiny – Give them torrid heat like flicking a bic Chorus: […]

Before Eden – Wizard Of The South Lyrics

Some time ago He was born Angel or Demon He was certainly a genius Since his childhood, victory follows him His Masters had nothing more to teach Many challenges he overcame And rewards received Around him An aura of satanism and magic Involved in an atmosphere Supernatural geniality (Chorus) The young causes fright His fame […]

Capo – Diamonds Lyrics

[Capo:Intro] Shinin, shinin… bankroll in my pocket man, all designer get ya grind up [Capo] Bitch my diamonds, diamonds…. my wrist be shinin, shinin. Bitch you blinded, blinded, aye aye bitch my diamonds shinin, shinin. Bitch my diamonds blindin, blindin… bitch my diamonds shinin, shinin…. bitch my diamonds blindin, blindin, aye aye, bitch these diamonds […]

Joke – Ateyaba Lyrics

[Paroles de “Ateyaba”] [Couplet 1] Descendant des enfants d’la vallée du Nil Les hiéroglyphes ont su naître par ses pupilles Privé d’histoire, mes racines n’ont pas d’racines J’écris ça, j’pense au tchouk dans la calebasse Les côtes d’Afrique ont vu partir leur enfants C’est l’océan qui a bercé leurs enfants C’est l’océan qui a englouti […]