Sesame Street – Dee Dee Dee Lyrics

Dee, dee-dee, dee-dee, dee-dee, dee-dee, dee-dee, doggy; Dee-dee, dangerous dragon; Dee-dee, dee-dee, donkey, duckie Dinosaur Oh, dee, dee-dee, dee-dee, dee-dee, dee-dee, dee-dee, dinner; Dee-dee, dee-dee, De-licious; Dee-dee, dee-dee, dee, don’t drop dishes Down on the floor Oh, do a dance Dig some dirt Dunk a doughnut for dessert Draw a daisy that’s dee-de-lightful to see […]

Bubblegum Lemonade – What Have You Done For Me Lately Lyrics

[verse 1] You tore down the Berlin Wall And brought about Ceausescu’s fall [Chorus 1] But, what have you done for me lately? [verse 2] You signed the Stones and made them famous But, you missed the Beatles, and you can’t blame us [Chorus 2] ‘Cause what have you done since your day in the sun Oh, what have […]

Ernia – Puro Sinaloa Lyrics (feat. Lazza, Rkomi & Tedua)

[Testo di “Puro Sinaloa” ft. Tedua, Rkomi & Lazza] [Intro: Ernia] Milano Tredici anni dopo, una generazione dopo Vai Joe, andiamo Do-Do-Do-Do-Don Joe [Strofa 1: Ernia] Trovami ancora seduto sul corner Mentre racconto qualche storia forte Poetica fatta di fumo, di asfalto, di pare e di morte Spacco solo io, fra’, no te Tipa, fra’, nuova di pacca Quanto […]

Bob Dylan – Key West (philosopher Pirate) Lyrics

[Verse 1] McKinley hollered, McKinley squalled Doctor said, “McKinley, death is on the wall ‪Say it to me, if you got something to confess” ‪I heard all about it, he was going down slow ‬ ‪I heard it all, the wireless radio ‬ ‪From down in the boondocks way down in Key West ‪I’m searching for love, for inspiration […]

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – 7 Mac 11’s Lyrics

[Intro] (Almighty God) This young nigga with me Really shoot like Trae [Chorus] I’m pullin’ up with seven MAC-11s Hop out the double-R, Louis V steppin’ Put a beam on every single weapon Send me the addy and I’ma address it I wanna start rippin’ through your leggings You’re better than Margiela and Giuseppe Want you to stop playing, […]