Ailee – What About It Lyrics

널 만지는 바람 숨 쉬는 공기 너의 옆자리 스치는 사람까지 그렇게 나 그렇게 그게 미울 수가 왜 이렇게 이렇게 널 비추는 햇살의 따사로움이 내 어깨를 감싸주던 그날보다 그렇게 그렇게 지금 포근하니 어떻게 너 어떻게 그게 뭐라고 그게 뭐라고 참 별게 다 날 흔들어 놓으니 나 힘들어 내 맘이 말을 잘 듣지 않는 걸 이게 뭐냐고 […]

Kenan Dogulu – Kursun Adres Sormaz Ki Lyrics

Yine de sen tek bildiğim Yollarına aşk tohumları serdiğim Bu can buna hayran Sevişine kurban Alıştırmasaydın insafsız Bu can sana hayran Gülüşüne kurban Şimdi vazgeçemem ben inan Kurşun adres sormazki Yaktın beni en derinden Depremlerde yine yüreğim Yangınlar çaresiz Dön gel yine sev beni Sar sevgine sevgimi Nefes gibi muhtacım sana Yine de ben hep […]

Ailee – What If I Lyrics

시계 침은 자꾸 번갈아 와도 난 혼자인 채로 멈춰 있어 혹시 지금도 꿈이 아닐까 생각하지만 그건 다 내 착각 It’s true 시간은 흘러내려 가고 마음은 말없이 따라 긴 밤에 너를 보내려 애쓰다 못했어 Oh What if I 시계를 돌려 그때로 가보면 지금의 난 아프더라도 널 다 이해해 줄까 Oh you're making me So sad, so sad, so sad, you make […]

Glorious Sons – The Laws Of Love And War Lyrics

Headlights cutting through the sideways rain Midnight, you’re just stopping by again This time you come with different plans You bring news of a better man There’s raindrops in your hair You won’t come in, you’re just standing there I don’t remember, what you came for It just hurts cause you’re not mine anymore Oh […]

Jack The Smoker – Sogni D’odio Lyrics (feat. Salmo)

[Testo di “Sogni d’odio” ft. Salmo] [Strofa 1: Jack The Smoker] Ah, sto sempre in giro come un nomade In mezzo a qualche troia cocainomane In cerca di cazzo giovane Ed esaurisco il tempo Sulle panchine discorrendo Su un altro artista finto che fa un disco orrendo Magari fanno soldi più di me Ma se […]

Lil’ Wayne – I Am Not A Human Being Lyrics

I am not a human being Uhh, p*ssy for lunch Pop all the balloons and spit in the punch Yeah, kush and the blunts I ride through your block see a foot in the trunk I don’t know why they keep playin I better replay ’em Giving them the blues Bobby "Blue" Bland Together we […]

Dababy Says He Made $4 Million In One Day After Epic BET Hip-Hop Awards Snub

DaBaby isn’t worried about winning awards because he’s laughing all the way to the bank. Earlier this year, rapper DaBaby indicated that he was feeling the pinch of the coronavirus much like everybody else in the world when he mentioned that he would miss out on a whopping 7 million dollars as a result of […]

Shenseea Twerk On Masego In “Silver Tongue Devil” Visual

The official video for Masego and Shenseea’s “Silver Tongue Devil” has been released. The official visuals for Masego and Shenseea’s “Silver Tongue Devil” have been released, and they are as stunning as their combination on the laid back African beat. The video was uploaded to YouTube earlier today, October 29, and within the first few […]