Softheart – Maybe It’ll Work If I Keep Saying It Out Loud Lyrics (feat. Harvest & Killedmyself)

(Verse 1) Wear my frown real proudly The forecast look cloudy Lately I just feel drowsy Feel like my head too rowdy I’ve been in the lost and found You wouldn’t get nothing about me At least nothing from me I’m not surprised you’d doubt me (yeah) I can’t hurt nobody if I’m always by myself If I keep […]

2nd Chapter Of Acts – No One Will Have A Secret Lyrics

No one will have a secret No one will tell a lie Things that were done in hiding Are gonna reach to the highest sky And one thing that I know for certain The stars will lose their course The moon will be Bleeding in sorrow No one believes they’re Running in circles running in circles Bleeding in sorrow No one believes they’re Running […]

21 Savage & Metro Boomin – Rich Nigga Shit Lyrics (feat. Young Thug)

[Intro] This world's all about money and p*ssy And you need to figure that out Once you figure that out You'll be better off in life (Metro Boomin want some more, nigga) [Chorus: 21 Savage] Rich nigga shit, I do a lot of Nigga, we be sippin' out the bottle I be fresh as hell, […]

Kenny Allstar – The One Lyrics (feat. Potter Payper)

[Intro: Potter Payper] Yo, Kenny What you saying? Voice of the streets meets voice of the streets Fi dem [Verse 1: Potter Payper] Get nanny at house in due time Gyal say I think I’m too nice Who me? Who I? Two man up in a [?] ride Took a fed chase at blue light […]

Softheart – Among Other Cliches Lyrics (feat. Orion Lake & Coryn)

[Intro: Softheart] [?] unrealistic once I just hold tight Like we're okay Put back pieces of my head and I said All these times my arms push back the end I didn't know they were me So I just pick myself up and [Verse: Softheart, orion lake, Coryn] You will drag me under [?] wings You will drag me […]

Yooa – Bon Voyage Lyrics

[Romanized:] Eoneu nal nan jogeum nasseon gose nuneul tteotji Onmomen budeureoun teori jaranago Meorien banjjagineun ppuri dodananeun Geureon gotisanghan got Deureobwa goun saedeurye jeo noraessori Neukkyeo bwa maenbare danneun pure shinggeureoum Jigeum nan taeeonaseo gajang jayuroun chumeul chweo Nan chumeul chweo Naneun chajagaryeo hae shinbiroun kkum Seoro nuneul matchul ttae deo pureureudeon sup Gajang nopeun […]