Conway The Machine – Lemon Lyrics (feat. Method Man)

[Intro: Conway the Machine] Yeah, uh Griselda Brr, brr, uh [Verse 1: Conway the Machine] Look, play my position, in the kitchen, I'm workin' Whip it, baggin' half in fifties, hit the strip and I serve it (Uh-huh) If it's an issue, trust, I'm comin' to get with you in person (I'm pullin' up, nigga) With the extendo, throwin' […]

Beans On Toast – The Great American Novel Lyrics

As the Sunday sun sets down on Rhino, Nevada I'm not really a gambling man, but I'm quite partial to a flutter And if you're playing Black Jack, they'll let you drink for free And that sounds like a pretty good deal to me So I pull up to a table, and I sink my […]

Conway The Machine – Dough & Damani Lyrics

Lyrics from snippet [Part I: Dough] [Intro] Yeah Alchemist Brr You know? Smokin' this motherf*ckin' gas, nigga On a PJ, nigga Hahaha Look, uh [Verse] Bust down on my bitch, I blew forty on it I'm the don, copped the Dawn, threw the Forgi' on it Shots ringin', Flee got two forties on him Shootin' like it's the game […]

Amir Tataloo – Barzakh Lyrics

بعضى وقتا هم همه چى خاكستريه !! نه سفيده نه سياه ! نه تاريكه نه روشن ! نه حتى آبيه نه قرمز !! تا خواستى پا بگيرى يهو پَر زد اُميدِت ، دِلِت طعمِ برزخو ميده بِلاتكليف خسته از اعتماد ، خسته از هر چى محضر و ميله هنو پُرِ تاريكى و صُبحا فِس ، هنو رفت و فقط […]