Les Cowboys Fringants – Le Quai De Berthier Lyrics

Sais-tu, y’avait une cabane dans ma cour On jouait là à toué jours Pis d’ins carcasses de chars On ‘tait toujours dehors Nos mères nous habillaient en fluo On jouait à guerre en bottes d’eau Tout’les gars s’appelaient Joe Pis quand y faisait beau On jouait au hockey l’aut’bord d’la butte Ça jouait dur mais […]

Mistah F.a.b. – For The Soul Lyrics (feat. Mozzy & OMB Peezy)

[Intro: Mistah F.A.B.] Rest in peace to the track You already know That's my nigga for live Fella Fella, what's happenin'? Uh Yeah, TT3 Thug Tears 3, uh [Verse 1: Mistah F.A.B.] My lil' nigga gotta pull twenty, he on his fifth hearse They ain't seen a nigga get stabbed on the fifth tear Lil' […]

Du Maroc – 100 Bladi Bars Lyrics

Dù Undercov Dù Motherf*ck 500 Kilo Rip im Turban getarnt Im Touran geplant Auf 2Pac und Nas Rapper drehn am Rad, sitzen zu acht in Bars Er geht auf Masse? [tazz] Blendet vor der Edelbitch Uffpassen bevor mein Basi dein Schädel bricht Einer gegen Acht, ich hab Eier wie ein Basketball Frankfurt by Night Achi, […]

Mistah F.a.b. – Prayed Up Lyrics (feat. Joseph Kay)

[Intro] White Rocks [Chorus: Joseph Kay] I been tryna better myself as a man And only focus on what really matters Sometimes I be losin’ hope And feelin’ like I’m just climbing a never-ending ladder But I be staying prayed up, prayed up Thanking God every day I wake up But I be staying prayed […]

Since99 – Guapsexual Lyrics

[Intro] DontSleep Ayy bruh, I lowkey been thinking about it I ain't even really attracted to females like that anymore (Uh huh) Lowkey I'm just kinda aroused by the cash (Yes sir) In all honesty I think I'm a guapsexual (Okay) Yeah [Chorus] Bitch, I'm a guapsexual Stretchin' out money like yoga, it's flexible (Flexible) You talking that shit […]