Necronomicon – Infinitum Continuum Lyrics

Destiny is mine, to be fulfilled at last Years of searching through the arcanas of life Growing visions, learning all mysteries Wisdom and knowledge at the tip of my fingers I have the power Eldritch symbols, light of the light Mercury in my cycle, as I lay down the staff and the sword Uroboros infinitum I manifest my will […]

Kresnt – BODY COUNT Lyrics (feat. Licka Rish)

[Chorus] Whats ya body count Ay Whats ya body count You a smart girl But imma make your body count 1 2 3 Shit You need somebody I’m not no body VERSE 1 Any number over 1 Make me question how i feel Like okay thats a joke But i’m tryna keep it real Like You trolling right ? Like that not true Cause […]

Capleton – Chant Down Rome Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah! Selassie I liveth every time And I say united we stand, and divided we fall Selassie I liveth every time Emmanuel liveth every time Marcus Garvey, him liveth every time Wha’ we say? [Chorus] Orthodox, light up the chalice, make we burn down Rome A pure froth John Pope Paul fi form Queen Elizabeth all a weap and moan One thunder ball […]

Necro – My Precious Lyrics

[Verse 1] Listen to the most devastating Lyricist ever to sever you in to 100 pieces Deceased, heavens waiting Nah, the Devil is I’m on a malevolent murderous level Embellishing and relishing in Hellishness My fellowship of militant killers drillin’ holes in your melon Drip hemoglobin til’ hospital intubates Eloquent, the most innovative, narrative, satanic […]

Terrell Hines – Atwater Village Lyrics (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)

Verse 1 (Terrell Hines): Mother and son eating at a taco truck A zombie on amphetamines got em stuck The traffic is getting heavy everybody on edge Feen across the street trying to tell me ‘bout what's ahead Flood seminar happening this Friday Bruh whatcha talking ‘bout that’s what the sign say Concentrated mountains feel with fountains, don't you […]

All Forgotten – At A Guess, Im Second Best Lyrics

So here we are We’ve given up on leaving thoughts to our pillowcases ’cause the gust caught our feelings And threw them up in the air Now, please girl, I understand Far be it for me to admit that the envy kills me And I’ve never felt more right From doing something so wrong So wrong I’m probably far from […]

Ethel Waters – Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe Lyrics

It seem like happiness is jes’ a thing called Joe He’s got a smile that makes the lilac wanna grow He’s got a way that makes the angels heave a sigh When they know Little Joe’s passing by Sometime the cabin gloomy an’ the table bare Soon he kiss me an’ it’s Christmas ev’rywhere Troubles fly away an’ life […]

Necro – Head Neck Apartheid Lyrics

[Verse 1] Yo, let's bring ya to the dark side Introduce you to head neck apartheid Satanic rednecks like Ed Gein creep from the far side Leaving you horrified, glorifying you dying Gory, mortified in a mortuary mausoleum buried My crematory rap f*cks up your grill like Tori Spelling Her melon gets distorted, slaughter it […]