Eminem Celebrates A Majore New Milestone As “Without Me” Hits 1 Billion Views

Eminem is celebrating another major music milestone. While some artists fizzle out over time, others seem to only become more relevant with each passing year. Eminem is certainly one of those artists, attracting new fans all the time and continuing to draw hip hop connoisseurs back to his early hits. Hitting yet another milestone in […]

King Von’s Autopsy Photos Leaked Online Angering His Fans

Photos from King Von’s autopsy have leaked online, and fans are livid. Amid the recent death of young Chicago rapper King Von, photos of the rapper’s lifeless body is circulating online. The morbid unveiling has gone viral, much to the dismay of users online who unanimously find it deeply unsettling. The overwhelming reaction echoes the […]

Davido Enlists Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj & Nas For “A Better Time” Album

Davido’s new album drops this week with a star-studded lineup including Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj and Nas. Afropop artist Davido is nearing the release of his new album A Better Time. The follow-up to 2019’s A Good Time is slated to be released on Friday, Nov. 13. The 17-track album will have a number of […]

Jay-Z Stan Arrested For Sneaking On Flight To Meet Hov

One of Jay-Z’s stans found herself behind bars for going through lengths to see him. A woman in Chicago came concerningly close to successfully boarding a plane without a ticket, and only after she was caught did she explain that her master plan was to make it to Los Angeles to meet Jay-Z. According to […]

Intence Girlfriend Dancing Rebel Mourns Father’s Death Weeks After Losing Mother

Intence and his girlfriend are in mourning this week following her father’s passing. It’s never easy losing a parent, and that grief is amplified even more when it’s two parents back to back. Unfortunately, that’s just what Jamaican entertainer Dancing Rebel, real name Chistina Nelson has faced in the space of just two weeks. Still […]

Waka Flocka Flame Deactivates Instagram After Coming For T.I. With Street Life PSA

Waka Flocka Flames went lights out on Instagram after seemingly getting called out for attacking T.I. Following some scathing words for T.I. following his post calling for rappers to handle their beef on their own turf and not in Atlanta, it seems Waka Flocka Flame has deleted his Instagram account. That’s at least up to […]

Kim Kardashians Reacts To Larsa Pippen Calling Out Kanye West For Toxic Behavior

Kim Kardashian doesn’t have any time for the accusations that Larsa Pippen has made about her family. Mouths were left agape following the interview, which the Real Housewives of Miami star had with Hollywood Raw on Monday. During the discussion, Larsa shared how she had gone from being close with Kim and the rest of […]

Kodak Black Drops “Bill Israel” album From Prison Feat. Gucci Mane, Tory Lanez & Lil Yachty

Kodak Black released a new album from prison The confines of jail were not enough to stop Kodak Black’s Bill Isreal album from being released a few hours ago. The Floridian rapper has been locked away behind bars since early 2019 when he was held at Rolling Loud Music Festival, and since then, fans have […]

Boosie Badazz Explodes After Learning Of Mo3’s Death, “I’M LOST FOR WORD”

Boosie Badazz let his emotions loose on Twitter after learning of Mo3’s death. Rapper Mo3 was shot and killed on Wednesday (November 11, 2020) while traversing the freeway in his hometown of Dallas, Texas. The gruesome killing follows the death of Chicago rapper King Von, who was shot to death in Atlanta by the members […]

Itzy – Be In Love Lyrics

[있지 “Be In Love” 가사] [Intro] Ah, ah [Verse 1] 조금 멀리 떨어져 있지 (Woo, ooh-ooh) 쉽지는 않을 그런 얘기 (Woo, ooh-ooh) 서로를 마주 보던 눈빛과 짜릿했던 우리 떨림도 Yeah, 조금은 흐려진 것 같아 [Pre-Chorus] I wanna feel 자꾸만 널 그려 그려 잊지 않길 I’ma find it, so come on [Chorus] Be in love 우리 알고 있잖니 Heart to heart 너도 느끼지 Hey […]

Itzy – SURF Lyrics

[있지 “Surf” 가사] [Intro] Ooh, ooh, ooh, surf Surf, surf [Verse 1] 나 원래 도도한 거 알지 그래서 더 너에게만 차갑게 굴었지만 (I can’t hide) 내 맘이 맘대로 안 되지 바다에 빠진 것처럼 (Yeah) 자꾸 일렁대는 feeling [Verse 2] 이런 건 좀 나 답지 않아 (Woo) 멀미라도 난 것 같잖아 (Oh) 싱긋 눈웃음칠 때 페이스를 조절하지만 금세 다시 휘청하잖아 (Ooh, ooh) 불쑥 가까워질 […]

Itzy – ID Lyrics

[있지 “iD” 가사] [Intro] Woo! ID, ID, ID, I (Whoa-oh-oh-oh) 야… Tell me your ID [Verse 1] Twenty-four/seven 대체 넌 어디서? 뭘 하고 있나? 답답하네 답장은 없고 걍 너는 hippity hoppity hop (Where you at?) One step, two step and four, 궁금해지는 move 솔직하게 물어볼까 I be like umm [Verse 2] 떨린다는 건 네가 좋다는 말야 신경 안 쓰는 […]

Govana Takes Chris To “Gyallis Class” In New Video Teaser

Govanna’s “Gyallis Class” is now open for registration. Class is in session, and the teacher is none other than dancehall artiste Govana. The number one student seems to be the sanguine yet halfwit type character of Chris played by Jamaican comedian Deno Crazy. Crazy really brought his A-Game in his debut on Govana’s first installment […]

Iggy Azalea Twerk For Jode Biden On TikTok In This Viral Video

Iggy Azalea drop a twerk video on TikTok in celebration of Biden win. Australian-born female rapper Iggy Azalea has been residing in America for a number of years now, and much like any other American citizen, she was caught up in what may have been one of the most interesting and entertaining presidential bouts in […]

Lil Nas X To Perform On Roblox’s First Virtual Concert This Weekend

Lil Nas X is taking 2020 by full force with a virtual concert. Coronavirus has changed life as we know it over the last few months, forcing people indoors, adding masks to our outfits, and barring travel. One of the other losses incurred is that of music gigs and concerts. Annual festivals, such as Coachella, […]