Pharaoh – Million Dollar Depression Lyrics

[Текст песни «MILLION DOLLAR DEPRESSION»] [Куплет] Мне кажется, что я привык Моя душа в мясо истерзана Среди грязных разбитых корыт, я служу для твоей души губящим лезвием Моё сердце ампутировано Моё царствие гарантированно Мои эмоции кремированы Мои эмоции кремированы [Бридж] Миллион, чтоб депрессия пришла Миллион, чтоб депрессия пришла (Не обвести) На самом дне меня ждёт моя душа На самом дне […]

Potter Payper – Sorry Lyrics

[Verse] First, let me apologise for my absence When you're rapping what you're living, it's what happens Cah I live it real life, no reenactments That's three years laying on that blue mattress Courtesy of Operation Raptors I gamble with my freedom, not at Aspers Got me feeling like I've re-read all these chapters I'm getting old now, feel […]

Bob Vylan – Northern Line Lyrics

[Intro] Please mind the gap And take all your f*cking belongings with you [Verse] On edge as I'm locking up the house Make eye contact and I'm knocking someone out Reminded of the things that I'd forgotten all about The second that the cloud passes fear comes runnin' out Tired nights and a tightly wired soul Seem to make my moods a little harder […]

Mistah F.a.b. – That’s Him Lyrics (feat. Snoop Dogg & T.i.)

[Intro] (Ju’ did this one) Yeah, hahaha Ju’ and Spence, this makes sense Ya hear me? Who did the beat? That’s them, hahaha Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy [Verse 1] When I pull up in that old school (That’s him) It was sittin’ on gold shoes (That’s him) When I jumped up with that bad bitch […]

Nena – Wind Lyrics

Hurra Hurra der Wind ist da Der Wind ist wieder da Er pustet durch dein Haar Er pustet durch dein Haar Leg dich in den Wind Spiel mit dem Himmelskind Von Kind zu Kind Von Hier nach Da Der Wind ist da Leg Dich in den Wind Du schönes Himmelskind Spiel mit dem Wind Du Himmelskind Der Wind – der Wind Das himmlische Kind […]

Potter Payper – When I Was Little Lyrics

[Hook] When I was little I weren’t scared of the Boogeyman I was scared of scumbag police in a bully van Hitting robberies on Ilford Lane where the hookers hang Tryna get those kicks Nanny said that I couldn’t have When I was little fam I never respected my teachers I respected olders, badness and dealers Mopeds, 110’s, Avi’s and Beemas On my pushbike, […]