Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers – Plenty Lyrics

Well there's plenty competition amongst the prophets today They're sayin' "doom, doom, doom!" They got another apocalypse comin' our way! Sayin' "gloom, gloom, gloom!" Yeah, there're plenty on the dock sayin' "my ship comin' in now Soon soon soon" There's plenty throwin' elbows and steppin' on toes They yellin' "room room room" And nothing drive […]

John Davey – Q Lyrics

You appeared in my dream last night for a while That old look on your face, said without a smile That you thought we should talk for an hour or two But my friends were waiting, so I did not indulge you But we walked to the train Shoe in front of shoe Not even wandering through those how-do-you-dos Forensic, intrinsic I’m hoping you’re […]