Bob Marley’s Music Relevancy In 2020 Explored In “LEGACY: Freedom Fighter” Episode

Bob Marley’s music has perhaps never been more relevant than in 2020 amid a global pandemic as well as racial and social unrest. In a year that seemed filled with gloom as the deadly coronavirus continues to wreak havoc globally and large inequalities in the way races are treated in the United States have been […]

Nipsey Hussle’s Famous The Marathon Store Vandalized & Complex Damaged

Nipsey Hussle’s store was vandalized. The Marathon Store in Los Angeles that’s owned by the late Nipsey Hussle has been violated. A video surfaced online that shows Hussle’s store and the whole plaza where it’s located completely vandalized with doors and windows smashed in. The person behind the recording can be heard narrating and expresses […]

Pop Smoke’s Murder Suspect Went On Instagram Live From Jail, Here’s The Viral Video

Pop Smoke’s accused killer is entertaining on Instagram Live from jail. Is it me, or is incarceration not what it used to be? In some regard, maybe that’s a good thing. In this case, however, fans are questioning the effectiveness of the system after one of the men charged with Pop Smoke’s murder went live […]

Dutchavelli – Ching Splash Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Don’t ever forget, bruv, I’m a savage too, bro A real fucking savage, bro, yeah? (Fanatix) [Chorus] Ching, splash, dipping (Ching) All now, no one ain’t swimming It’s Dutch from the fifth, I did countless drillings (Trust) Why you think that I’m known as a villain? (Dutch) I spare no one […]