Glue – Mixing Excuses Lyrics

[Chorus] I've been writing from the inside now the outside is lonely There's a penalty for wasting life, I wish somebody told me Before the notebooks were full this could have all been changed I would have been quiet and never had the nerve to complain But instead I'm led to believe that these songs will be perfect If I stick to my instincts […]

Glue – We Need Aim Lyrics

We demand the release, of an indigenous soldier Incarcerated in kansas for defending life in South Dakota All over the world they’ve seen through the white lies And how they made prison the answer to cure cancer of the eyes It’s so ironic, how a saying used in common english Could describe our history to crush who isn’t with us Covered by the blood […]

Jelly Roll – Better Off Alone Lyrics (feat. Mackenzie Nicole)

[Verse 1: Jelly Roll] Drowning in bourbon Numbing my pain Fighting with demons, oh Lord I just wish that they'd go away There's no light in the day Don't know how much more I can take Oh no, afraid of tomorrow The end of this bottle ain't that far away [Chorus: Mackenzie Nicole] I don't know where I went wrong […]

Paul & Storm – Grandma’s Christmas Dinner Lyrics

We piled the family in the SUV on Christmas Day And headed off to Grandma’s house, one hundred miles away ‘Cause Grandma cooked a great big Christmas dinner for us all She’s done it every single year since I was very small Now, all her life, our Grandma’s always been a bit confused Forgetting where […]