Sb Maffija – NOBOCOTEL Lyrics (feat. Mata, Janusz Walczuk)

[Intro] Run that up, Rico [Zwrotka 1: Mata] Co to w ogóle jest Nobocotel? W połowie Zdrofit, w połowie Maisons-Laffitte A w połowie hotel, co ja pierdolę? Bardziej przypomina to mi olimpijski ośrodek Tylko, że sam nie wiem, czy to trening 24 na dobę Czy komponujemy tu “Odę do zajebistości” Rapowi mistrzowie Polski Czuję się […]

Michael Martin Murphey – Fort Worth I Love You Lyrics

I broke jail in Oconee, Georgia, changed my name to Jimmy Bill I was wanted for some time that I had killed Oh, I shot down Martha Hawkins and I robbed her of her pride I chose Forth Worth as a place to hide Oh, them Georgia prisons don’t have such a beautiful view And […]

Anuar Zain – Teman Terulung Lyrics

Bila bertaut senyuman Mata berlirikan Memancarkan keluhuran Cerah kesederhanaan mu Seindah kejujuran mu Detik seia sejiwa Terungkap setia Tiada upaya sepi Mata kudup penantianku Hadirnya teman sejati Melangkah kita menjejak mimpi Bahgia berdiri dengan mu di sisi Harapan kita meniti hari Sentiasa seiring Paling agung teman terulung Tenunan emas sayap hidup ku Tak ingin ku […]

Rudimental – Come Over Lyrics (feat. Anne-Marie & Tion Wayne)

[Chorus: Anne-Marie] You should just come over And I can just show ya Let me do-over, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah You should just come over And I can just show ya Let me do-over, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Anne-Marie] You living your life Having a good time Better than when you were mine […]

Dezarie – Not Yours Lyrics

Always diggin up truth Hunting for validation Blood money donna funds Suppose your escalation Students where to di nighty son With organ explanation Over de whispering in a room ‘Bout world domination Not yours It’s not yours Not yours It’s not yours Grab from the temple Salomon Destroy it when you come Disturb mummification Invade pyramid heart Want to […]

Deeds Of Flesh – Alyen Scourge Lyrics

When the Races were young Before the wars prevailed The elder ones predicted ruination to man Astronomical alignment proposing transformation The dawning of a physical rebirth Lying in the wake unbeknownst to man Was an existential threat to all living beings Derived from the uninhabitable ether A dying species desperate for resurrection For the sole […]

Diante Do Trono – Canta Minh’alma Lyrics

Aleluia! Ôôôôôô,Ôôôôôô,Ôôôôôô (2x) Canta minh’alma Canta ao Senhor Rende-Lhe sempre Ardente louvor Canta minh’alma Canta ao Senhor Rende-Lhe sempre Ardente louvor Eu vou cantar com alegria Louvores ao meu Salvador Que me consola todo dia Me fortalece em Seu amor Tenho mil motivos pra louvar e agradecer Canta minh’alma Canta ao Senhor Rende-Lhe sempre Ardente […]

Dezarie – Judgement Come Lyrics

Judgement Come Armageddeon Babylon was I target Jah worthy arrow in we hand It’s too late for excuses This time no cooperation This is a weaponless war Ammunition de far We don’t haffi even lift a finger The ambassadors Weh come from a far Not to be crucified but to conquer It’s time for a change Time to rearrange Reprogram, reconstruct and rehording Those […]

Mocca – There’s A Light At The End Of The Tunnel Lyrics (feat. Rekti Yoewono)

[Verse 1: Arina Epiphania] I wanna say hi to every person I see I wanna send all my love to you I wanna hug everyone so tight Sending kisses to everyone in the world [Verse 2: Arina] I wanna share a smile with everyone here I wanna greet all the people I meet I wanna […]

Young Thug Responds To Jerrika Karlae Abuse, “Been single for dam near 2 years”

Young Thug and Jerrika Karlae have actually been apart for longer than we thought, and the rapper says for the record, not “everything about me.” Amidst Young Thug’s former fiance Jerrika Karlae tweeting, “Single 2021,” the rapper revealed that he has been single for nearly two years. Fans were in a tizzy when Jerrika issued […]

I-Octane Showcases Massive Weight Loss After 6 Months

I-Octane drop a whole body in just six months. I-Octane shocked fans at his massive weight gain during the year that left him with a big belly and his face plump and almost recognizable. Now, the artiste is showing off his hard work and dedication as he drops the quarantine bodyweight showing a slim and […]

J. Cole Announces ‘The Fall Off’ Mixtape Ahead Of New Album & Retirement

J. Cole announced he’s planning to release “The Fall Off” mixtape ahead of his new album and possible retirement from rap. Following J. Cole’s surprise announcement via Instagram yesterday, December 29, of how he’s going to release new music, fans have been speculating that he’s getting ready to hang up his gloves. Many suspects that […]

Tekashi 6ix9ine Disses King Von, Accuses Lil Durk Of Exploiting Rapper’s Death

Tekashi 6ix9ine slams Lil Durk accusing him of profiting off King Von. The rap world has mourned a lot of their rising stars this year. One of the deaths that rocked many fans was the killing of King Von, who was fatally shot outside of an Atlanta hookah bar. As many continue to mourn the […]

Lamar Odom Accuses his Ex of Holding his Social Media Hostage

Lamar Odom’s breakup with Sabrina Parr is getting messy. It is almost two months since the basketball player and his fiancée, Sabrina Parr, split ways by calling off their year-long engagement, only to get back together a week later. The reconciliation didn’t last, however, with Sabrina lashing out on Instagram that no one can be […]

Quavo Shares Good News On “Culture III” Release Date & Feature List

Quavo confirms that Culture III album is done and is coming soon. Like so many other projects this year, the highly anticipated Culture III by hip hop group Migos was put on hold as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. Still, hip hop fans have received numerous projects this year. However, the Migos crew is not […]

Nicki Minaj Barbz Drags Meek Mill For Mentioning Her Baby In Clubhouse Rant

Meek Mill is getting dragged by Nicki Minaj’s Barbz for mentioning her and her newborn baby boy on Clubhouse. Meek Mill is once again being accused of being obsessed with Nicki Minaj and her family. While in a discussion on ClubHouse, Meek apparently mentioned Nicki and her newborn baby and her husband, who he acknowledged […]

French Montana Says Near Death Cause Him To Quit Alcohol & Drugs

French Montana quit alcohol and drugs a year ago after a life threatening illness caused from intoxication. Many people envy the rapper’s lifestyle. It emulates money, alcohol, and sometimes drugs. One popular rapper, French Montana, has revealed that this exact lifestyle almost claimed his life in 2019. While being interviewed for an XXL cover story, […]

Master P and Baron Davis Could Make Reebok Black-Owned For $2.4 Billion

Master P wants to turn the Reebok brand into a black-owned company as he and his compatriot ex-NBA All-Star Baron Davis seeks to buy the company from its parent Adidas. News broke on Monday the two men have been interested in buying the company, which has a sales tag of $2.4 billion, as it records […]