Omb Peezy – Reminder Lyrics

[Intro] But I need that choppa now I see you boy, hahaha Drum Dummie make the beat and I’m gon’ kill it Oh, oh, oh I came up from nothin’, now I’m rockin designer [Chorus] Look, I came up from nothin’, now I’m rockin’ designer Don’t care about clothing, that’s just a reminder She wanna hug but them diamonds gon’ blind her I told […]

Boomdabash – Don’t Worry Lyrics

[Testo di “Don’t Worry”] [Strofa 1] Quanto tutta questa sabbia finirà Il sole esploderà come tutte le stelle Don’t worry, don’t worry Vorrei scocciare questo velo bianco dal cielo Per vedere il cielo come appare davvero Don’t worry, don’t worry E sconfiggere i mostri E sussurrarti piano all’orecchio Don’t worry, don’t worry [Strofa 2] Una […]

Armani Caesar – Drill A RaMA Lyrics (feat. Benny The Butcher)

[Intro: BENNY THE BUTCHER] Big Griselda, Big BSF, nigga, huh? I'll get every one of y'all niggas hit, quit playin' with me, man I'll send a clean-up crew, p*ssy (Ah) Yeah, uh-huh Y'all niggas ain't never been like that, stop cappin', nigga Yeah, uh We come through that bitch Ten Rollies and thirty chains on, […]

Greyson Chance – Bad To Myself Lyrics

[Verse 1] I’m done with the drinking Falling flat on my face, wasted Away all my good graces I just can’t find my friends like I’m lost in the party I’m done with the boys who keep causing me pain Poison, when I carry the blame It’s killing me thinking I’ll die with nobody [Pre-Chorus] Now it’s all in the past No, I’m not […]

Bfb Da Packman – Tamika Lyrics

[Intro] (Estás con la compania de lunche?) Like real talk, err, like, like Shawn Cotton, he really made me f*ckin’ mad That’s why I made this song, like for real, for real It’s facts too [Verse 1] Ayy, niggas sick as f*ck that I ducked the diamond listers (Woo) I’m a driver and a swiper, nigga, who the f*ck […]