Shenseea Lends Her Voice For COVID-19 PSA In Jamaica Amid Rising Cases

Shenseea lends her voice and influences to issue warning about COVID-19 in Jamaica amid rising new cases. The big C, and we’re not taking cancer, has been the topic on everyone’s tongues for the past few months. The World Health Organization is working tirelessly to find ways to combat the deadly COVID-19 virus. One of […]

Lil Baby Escape Mob In His “Noisy” New Car After His Address Leaked

On Sunday Atlanta rapper Lil Baby had to pull a quick one on a mob of his adoring fans who surrounded the house where he was booked to stay, following the Super Bowl game in Tampa, Florida. The game ended with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning 31-9 to the Kansas City Chiefs, becoming the first […]

Foota Hype Blames Jamaica PM Andrew Holness For Slump In Reggae

There has been much back and forth concerning who should take the fall for the downward spiral in Jamaica’s musical output. Well-known dancehall selector Foota Hype believes that Jamaica’s government is leading the charge in the demolition of the island’s music by withholding one of the catalysts needed to manufacture a hit, time. Prime Minister […]

Mutabaruka Responds To Fantan Mojah’s Claim About Bob Marley & Cindy Breakspeare

Ever since the release of his track “Fire King,” Fantan Mojah has been unable to keep his name out of the media; presumably, this was the intention all along. Nonetheless, we digress as sure enough; the “Rasta Got Soul” singer has caused a significant uproar among many members of his Rastafarian community, with at least […]

DMX Got Collabs With Pop Smoke & Griselda Coming On New Album

DMX got some collaborations on his upcoming album with Pop Smoke and Griselda Just about every fan of rap in the 90s was familiar with the chart-topping work of DMX. He dominated the airwaves and had had some of the hottest records. Fans haven’t heard from the rapper in many years, while many have been […]

Enigma Norteno – Las Palabras Del Mochomo Lyrics

Paroles de la chanson Las Palabras Del Mochomo : EN Cuando me agarraron Dicen todo hiba planeado Por cierto arrancaba el año… GO Y como lo voy a olvidar.. 2008 en Culiacan… Se desato la guerra Por unos malentendidos Gracias a dios hoy hay tregua… EN Espero mi libertad.. Yo soy Alfredo Beltran… Una confusion […]