Sean Paul Talks Historic Hot 100 No. 1 Hit “Temperature” & New Album “Live N Livin”

Sean Paul has opened up about scoring an historic No. 1 hit in 2006 with “Temperature” and the direction of his new album, “Live And Livin.” International dancehall artiste Sean Paul joined Claudia Jordon yesterday during Out Loud on FOX Soul, where he spoke with her at length about his musical life over the past […]

Jay-Z Sells 50 Percent Of His ‘Ace of Spades’ Brand To LVMH

Jay-Z’s champagne brand has gotten a big boost from luxury brand LVMH with the latter announcing its purchase of a 50% stake in the brand. Jay-Z’s champagne company Amand de Brignac but its trade name is ‘Ace of Spades,’ known for its vibrant metallic bottles. The brand has been performing well, and according to statistics- […]

Juice WRLD – Honest Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Ayy, Oz, you a big dog now, you get to bark Victoriouz (Victoriouz, Victoriouz) [Chorus] Yeah, I got it, pull it out in public, poppin’ at your noggin I’m rockin’ Givenchy, Louis Vuitton donnin’ I don’t fuck with Robins, flyer than a robin Ball like Mike Jordan, you niggas Craig Hodges […]

Jason Mraz – Long Drive – Live from Spotify Sessions Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Long drive, long night The best night of my life With you riding, your hand on my hand The thought of arriving, kind of feels like, dying I don’t want, to go home and be, alone Could we, stay out? Could you… [Chorus] Drive a little slower, don’t matter where […]

TUSSE – Voices

(From Sweden’s Melodifestivalen 2021) There’s fire in the rain But we’ll get up again We’re thousand miles apart But we’ll overcome I’ll never let you down World is turning us around But I feel it in my heart Let’s make a brand new start Can’t stop us now forget the haters Get up and live […]

Comedian Harmonists – Holzhackerlied Lyrics

Die allerlustigsten Leut’ sind Holzhackerleut’ – Dri holdrio holdrio. Wer hackt das Holz im grünen Wald, daß rings vom Wald das Echo hallt? Wer sägt die großen Stämm’ entzwei und singt ein Lied dabei? Wer steigt dann nach der Arbeit rauf zum Dirndl auf die Alm hinauf, bringt Blumen ihr vom Felsgestein? Das muss ein […]