Ateez – Take Me Home Lyrics

[에이티즈 “Take Me Home” 가사] [Intro: San] Ooh yeah, yeah Ah (Hey!) [Verse 1: San, Yunho, Wooyoung, Yeosang] 숨 막힐 듯한 어둠 속에 갇혀 헤매이다 falling down 더 깊게 falling down 사방이 막혀 방향조차 선택할 수 없어 겁이 나 갈수록 겁이 나 여긴 누구도 그 누구도 날 봐주지 않아 차가운 눈빛 그 시선이 눈물을 만들어 […]

Ra – The Convo 5 Lyrics (feat. Abra Cadabra, Backroad Gee, M24, Shanny4rmdabrixx, Ard Ardz & Stinx)

[Intro] Arks Beats [Part 1] [Verse 1: STINX & RA] Yo, akh, we need to talk (Wagwan?) What the f*ck just happened up north? (Mad ting) Line up a van, we don’t need a plan Shoot, make him a corpse (Mad) I know one girl that he’s linking (Yeah?) From junction (Yeah?), Lavender (Yeah?) He’s […]

K.i.z – Vip In Der Psychiatrie Lyrics

[Songtext zu „VIP in der Psychiatrie“] [Intro: Stunna666] V.I.P. in der Psychiatrie, ey V.I.P. in der Psychiatrie, ey V.I.P. in der Psychiatrie, ey V.I.P. in der Psychiatrie [Part 1: Tarek K.I.Z] Schizo-Schizo-Schizophrene Störung, Arme wie Mike Tyson (Ah) Mit mir willst du nicht im Fahrstuhl stecken bleiben Tarek K.I.Z, ich kam aus Afrika geschwomm’n Du denkst, es regnet, doch ich schlachte grad ein Schaf […]

Woman Accused Fivio Foreign Of Sexual Assault

Fivio Foreign is facing accusations of sexual assault. Over the last few years, drill rapper Fivio Foreign has shown that he can kick it with the best in the rap game. His genre-defining sound has landed collaborations with the likes of Quavo, and Polo G. Another aspect of Fivio’s life that could be on the […]

Jhené Aiko Taps To Host Grammy Award Premiere Ceremony On March 14

Jhené Aiko is set to host the Grammy Premiere Ceremony this year. Grammy-nominated singer Jhené Aiko will have a full plate come March 14. Amidst securing three spots on the nominations rosters at this year’s awards, Jhené was also asked to host the Grammy Premiere Ceremony before the main awards show. Produced by the Academy’s […]

Michael Rainey Jr. Dating Buju Banton’s Daighter Abihail Myrie, Calls Her “Mrs Rainey”

Is Power actor Michael Rainey Jr. dating Buju Banton’s daughter Abihail Myrie? The pair somehow got fans talking after sharing a few images on Instagram. On-screen, we know him as Tariq St. Patrick, the villain in the original Power series who famously murdered his father James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick. Fans of the show hated him […]

Boosie Badazz Would’ve Handled Gucci Mane Dissing Jeezy’s Dead Friend Differently

Boosie Badazz is reacting to Gucci Mane and Jeezy’s controversial Verzuz battle in his latest interview with Vlad TV. Whenever Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie links up with DJ Vlad, he holds nothing back. Over the years, the rapper has been interviewed by Vlad TV several times, and he always offers some newsworthy insight into […]

Bunny Wailer ‘The Last Of The Wailers’ Life, Music And Legacy Explore

Bunny Wailer, the last of The Wailer, died leaving behind a rich musical legacy that will forever etch in the fabric of reggae music and Jamaican culture. Wailer, whose real name is Neville O’Reilly Livingstone, died at the Medical Associates Hospital in Kingston. Also affectionately called ‘Jah B’ by friends and family, Bunny Wailer was […]

Ding Dong Kicked Silent Ravers Out Of Ravers Clavers Over Leaked Video

Ding Dong has some trouble brewing inside his Ravers Clavers crew. Earlier this week, rumors began circulating via social media that popular dancer, Silent Ravers of the Ravers Clavers crew, was no longer a member of the famed collective. His exit was proceeded by a series of leaked videos of the dancer being caught in […]

Bounty Killer Shares Huge Celebration For Shabba Rank’s Late Mother In Seaview

Bounty Killer shared a video of a gathering in Kingston that has left fans dumbfounded about the lack of attention to covid-19 protocols. It is often said that celebrities sometimes believe they are above the law. Fans are discussing this yet again after Bounty Killer shared a clip of an event he attended to honor […]

50 Cent Packing His Bags And Heading To Texas Amid New COVID Announcement

50 Cent is seriously considering migrating to Texas after the state governor lifts the pandemic restrictions all entire. Most states are still enforcing covid-19 restrictions to mitigate the spread of the virus. While the situation isn’t the most ideal for civilians desperate to resume their social lives, the measures are only in place for their […]

Intence Responds To Vybz Kartel Over Fake Views With Strong Spotify Numbers

Intence has seemingly responds to Vybz Kartel previously calling him out for alleged fake views. Fans have built up a convincing case against Intence after much speculation that the deejay is buying views. While the evidence is compelling, the controversial dancehall deejay does not appear to have any intention of quitting while ahead. In recent […]

Teejay & Vybz Kartel Chronicles Poverty & Crime In “Pressure” Video

Teejay and Vybz Kartel drops off their new collaboration, “Pressure,” and so far, the reviews have been good. Like so many of his recent collaborations, Teejay never disappoints with this one and never gets overshadowed, given he is on the same track with one of the biggest artists in dancehall currently, Vybz Kartel. The Top […]