Captain Ska – Blood On Your Hands Lyrics

[Verse 1] You ignored science, you ignored warnings You ignored meetings, thought they were boring You thought that Covid was just a story It’s scandalous Shaking hands with the community Pinning your hopes on herd immunity Doctors and nurses with no PPE A catastrophe – Caused by stupidity [Chorus] Blood on your hands Got blood […]

Lil’ Durk & Only The Family – Hellcats & Trackhawks Lyrics

[Verse: Lil Durk] I remember claiming Dipset (Let’s get it) I had some bitches on my line, I told them bitches get they lips wet (Bitch, get your lips wet) Lock that door, where them bowls at? (Let’s get it) Search for his gun, where his pole at? (Where his pole at?) We on his […]

Verivery – Get Away Lyrics

[베리베리 “Get Away” 가사] [Intro: Kangmin, Yeonho] Shh Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, right Shh Oh, woah-oh-oh-oh [Verse 1: Gyehyeon, Yongseung, Kangmin] 나만을 위한 invitation 낯선 기분 wanna feel it 머릴 스친 hesitation 던져버려 wanna fall in Tell me what you wanna do 아무도 모르게 play 깊게 빠져 already dived in 흩어진 네 맘은 […]

Drake – Lemon Pepper Freestyle Lyrics (feat. Rick Ross)

[Intro: Rick Ross] Tryin', tryin', tryin', tryin' I pray these niggas understand how passionate the tale is To get you under my pressure Richer I been tryin', tryin', tryin', tryin' To get you under my pressure Yes, uh Biggest, you feel me? (M-M-M-Maybach Music) [Verse 1: Rick Ross] Godfather with a garden full of snakes […]

E.s.g. & Slim Thug – Dirty South Lyrics

(feat. Carmen San Diego) [talking] Huh hold up, 2000 and 2 You already know how we do You know I’m saying, pull up in front of the club banging looking good, hopping out and swanging on blue Boss Hogg Outlaws, doing what they wanna do Security talking bout, turn the music down Man we walk […]

Young Dolph & Key Glock – Aspen Lyrics

[Intro: Young Dolph] BandPlay Yeah, yeah Okay, okay [Chorus: Young Dolph] Stay out my way, I’ll pop you like an Aspirin (Watch out) Trap nigga on the way to Aspen (Aspen) Smoke the best weed and spent millions on fashion (Stylin’) I cash the chicken, went ballin’ in Aspen (Colorado) Grew up f*cked up, now […]

Ynw Melly – Thugged Out Lyrics (feat. Kodak Black)

[Chorus: YNW Melly] I don’t know what you might think But this is the life I chose And this is the life for me, ’cause, baby, I’m a thug Thugged out, I’m thugged out, I’m thugged out Lil’ baby, I’m a thug, I’m thugged out, no drugs now I’m thugged out, lil’ baby, I’m a thug [Verse 1: YNW Melly] […]

Juice Wrld, Clever & Post Malone – Life’s A Mess Ii Lyrics (feat. Post Malone)

[Intro: Juice WRLD] Have you ever fallen head over heels for somebody? Not just somebody No, no (Rex, you did it again) [Verse 1: Juice WRLD] Have you fallen head over heels for somebody That made promises to give you the world? Um I really hope they held you down, I really hope it was […]

Akira The Don – I Vow To Love Myself Lyrics (feat. Kamal Ravikant)

You know what’s funny? I never used to think about the fact about loving myself I just wasn’t that guy The thing about loving myself Came when I hit rock bottom And I really hit bottom and it was a desperate attempt to save myself I really fundamentally believe in the power of commitment and […]

Bryant Myers – Como Panas Lyrics

[Letra de “Como Panas”] [Intro] (Te puse de pantalla en el cel En mi cabeza tú das vuelta’ como carrusel) [Coro] Todo pasó así de la nada Poquito a poco se fue encendiendo una llama Contigo me envolví, yo ni me lo esperaba Desde que te probé, mami, yo me enchulé Todo comenzó como pana’ Contigo encontré to’ lo […]