Melodie Crittenden – With His Arms Wide Open Lyrics

There came a kind and gentle man from a town called Galilee. Spent his whole life reaching out to folks like you and me. He said his father sent him Bearing gifts from up above. To those believing in him He offered faith, hope and love. First Chorus With his arms wide open He walked […]

Russ Millions & Tion Wayne – Body Lyrics

[Intro: Tion Wayne & Russ Millions] Bah (Mm-mm), yo Gotcha E-E-English girl named Fiona, big batty girl named Abiola (Mm-mm) Body-ody shaped like Cola (Bah) Back up, back up, bring it to the owner [Chorus: Tion Wayne & Russ Millions] Man, I'm still up on the roads, couldn't left (Bah, bah) Still chattin' to my […]

Nf – Drifting Lyrics

[Chorus] Drifting Watchin’ the world go round World go, yeah (World go round) Listening To unfamiliar feelings and unknown sounds Unknown sounds, unknown sounds [Verse 1] Slippin’ through my fingertips (Ayy), lingerin’ Shoulda, woulda, coulda, where’d I put the pen? (Woah) Make a list of all my failed attempts Runnin’ out of space again Highlight […]

Kalisia – Blessed Circle (education – Deification) Lyrics

Chosen by the Arkens From Osaka He’s a brilliant young man Kaiji Otsuka Somewhere, in a mysterious place Far, far away from planet Earth The Arkens are keeping their pledge Keiji and many other humans of worth Are being taught some rudiments of Arken’s knowledge Here, where the suns never set Like they once learned […]