Boosie Badazz Calls Out Female Who Mistook Him For Flava Flav

Don’t ever see Lil Boosie and call him Flava Flav. Boosie Badazz doesn’t like being mistaken for others! A recent video shared by the rapper showed a hilarious reaction of him as a fan called him Flava Flav while he was in the airport. The rapper angrily shared his disapproval at the woman who was […]

Migos’ Takeoff Escape Charges In Sexual Assault Case

Takeoff escape charges in his 2020 sexual assault case. Migos have been in the news for pretty contentious reasons over the last few days. They can record at least one win after Takeoff‘s pending sexual assault case has been dropped because of a lack of evidence. Just last week, the rappers were being described as […]

Ezhel – Sakatat Lyrics

["Sakatat" için şarkı sözleri] [Giriş] Yo, Jugglerz! [Ön-Nakarat] Yürek ve kalp Sakatat Kedi, ciğer, kasap Sakatat Attığım taş etti şak Sakatat Beynimi yer kebap gibi dert Şişti mi dalağın "Sakata geldin mi?" salağın teki der İster sadakat herkes Bende kabahat (yeah) [Nakarat] Etin bir yerde (Etin bir yerde) Kemiğin kimlerde (Kemiğin kimlerde) Bu yamyamlardan gördüğüm […]

Brockhampton – Count On Me Lyrics (feat. A$ap Rocky & Sogonesoflexy)

[Intro: A$AP Rocky] You look so different to me It’s like you barely even, listen [Verse 1: A$AP Rocky] You look so different to me It’s like you barely even know me You was missin’ from me Swear I’m tired of feelin’ lonely Like Field Mob song, Trill Mob boy Keep it MIA for too […]

A Life Once Lost – Funeral Thirst Lyrics

The brightest full moon light entrances me It calls me forth Yet I have not the strength to move In stasis, I rot away and dream Dream of forgotten years Dream of the touch of another’s hand I am to be a meal of starved worms My nerves are twisting for the light of my […]

Nicki Minaj First Solo Female Rapper To Get 1 Billion Views On YouTube With ‘Anaconda’

Nicki Minaj now the first female rapper to reach 1 billion streams on YouTube for a solo song. Nicki Minaj has reached another milestone in her very illustrious career after her hit track “Anaconda” hit the one billion view mark on YouTube. Over the years, Minaj has been considered one of, if not the most […]

DMX Remains On Life Support Despite Lawyer Claiming Otherwise

A lawyer who says he is representing DMX is backtracking off his previous statement that the rapper is off life support and breathing on his own. The attorney admits that there is still a lot of concern regarding his condition. “It would be disingenuous of me to suggest that I’m not a worried man at […]