Ryuichi Sakamoto – Bibo No Aozora Lyrics

眼差しの不実さと 気高さに溺れていた 狂おしい夏だった 青空も 声も 小さな死のように これ以上愛さない 禁じる愛おしさで 瞳は 傷口と知る魂の 別々の惑星に 僕たちは棲む双生児さ 野獣の優雅さで 沈黙を舌で味わう 罌粟のように 切なさで胸を傷めながら 君の 可憐な 喉笛から あふれ出した 虹の涯は 美貌の青空 狂おしい夏だった 手に触れる すべて 欠片の死のように 君の血が透き通る 野蛮な 瞳 見ては 途方に暮れる 真夏の楽園

Living Sacrifice – Haven Of Blasphemy Lyrics

Hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared Deny consideration of the One to be feared Abandoning the faith to follow spirits of deception Their unsound teaching produce sowers of confusion Prophets of dceit the word of God Sowing wickedness reaping trouble from the rod Though they claim to be the ones to obtain salvation Their […]

Trocadero – Blood Gulch Blues Lyrics

Church:(You know what you could bitch about anything couldn’t who. We’re about to get a tank and your’e worried about chicks. What chicks are we going to pick up man! And secondly how are you going to pick up chicks in a car that looks like that?) Simmons:(You ever wonder why we’re here?) Grif:(It’s one […]

Jamaica PM Andrew Holness Unapologetic About Dancehall Contributing To Crime

The Jamaican Prime Minister is doubling down on dancehall music, being a major contributor to the high crime rate in the country. Crime has long been a growing epidemic in Jamaica that governments are often stumped with. The disturbing outbreak of violence is so outrageous that Jamaica is recognized as a country with one of […]

Saweetie Reacts To Quavo Saying He Repo’d Her Bentley

Saweetie has responded to Qauvo’s claim that he had repossessed the Bentley he gifted her last Christmas in the most creative of ways. In a recently posted TikTok video, Saweetie is seemingly telling the public that she still holds the keys to the car. The video, labeled “FRENEMIES PT. 1,” shows Saweetie searching for her […]

Master P Says Hip Hop Need A Union Amid Death Of DMX

Master P is calling on rappers to get together to prevent further cases similar to DMX’s case. He has suggested the creation of a hip-hop union. While he said that he is also praying for the rapper, he told a TMZ cameraman that a proper hip-hop union could help a lot of at-risk rappers who […]

Kid Cudi Confirms His Off-White Dress On SNL Is A Tribute To Kurt Cobain

Kid Cudi speak out after donning an Off-White dress on SNL. It’s been a bumper year for Kid Cudi as the rapper has achieved quite a lot so far. Last night, April 10, he took to the stage of SNL and raised eyebrows not for his performance but rather for his attire. He performed two […]

Kodak Black Shares He Misses NBA YoungBoy & Wants Them To Do A Collab

Despite having once been close friends, Kodak Black and NBA Youngboy have been steadily dissing each other online since 2020. It’s not clear what caused their bond to fall apart, but Kodak seems to be taking the high road in multiple instances lately, including when it comes to his beef with NBA. Kodak Black was […]

Yung Bleu Reveals He Might Be The Artist With The Last DMX Feature

Yung Bleu came under fire from fans accusing him of clout-chasing after reports surfaced of DMX passing away. Legendary rapper DMX has sadly passed after being on life support for the last week in which time he never regained any brain function. Unfortunately, before his actual demise, a hoax about his death got started on […]

Dancehall Singjay Dexta Daps Vents About Racist Experience At Rock Bar In Fort Lauderdale

Dancehall star Dexta Daps is claiming he has experienced a major act of racism in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In a video posted on Instagram, the “WiFi” singer stands at the entrance of Rock Bar Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he mentions that he has been on the receiving end of a terrible act of […]

Cam’ron Calls Out Derrick Jaxn Over DMX Tribute, Jaxn Responded

Cam’ron went in on Derrick Jaxn for posting a photo of DMX. The beef between New York rapper Cam’ron and YouTuber Derrick Jaxn over a DMX tribute is continuing, as Cam’ron has clapped back at Jaxn. The Dipset rapper, who started the banter on Sunday, April 11, responded to Jaxn, saying the love guru should […]

Jessica White Reacts To Nick Cannon Expecting Twins With Abby DeLaRosa

Jessica White reacts to Nick Cannon expecting twins with new girlfriend after fans dragged her into it. Nick Cannon is going to be a father again, this time to twins, as one of his girlfriends shared that she is expecting twin boys. In a post made on her social media account, Abby DeLaRosa wrote a […]