Mike Mictlan & Lazerbeak – Suicide Jimmy Snuffa Lyrics

[Verse 1] Do you got heart like feather? Guts pump ticker tape Talks change weather Talk strange liquor face Bottom dollar for a bottled water Like an Autumn summer to an Outtatowner Who caught a Cecil Otter By the toe-truck with the farmers daughter We old young bucks kick around the darkest fodder Ain’t no […]

Apologetix – Back In The Battle Lyrics

[Chorus] I’m back I’m back in the battle again I’m back I’m back in the battle again [Verse 1] I’m drivin’ into town from home I’m tryin’ to lighten the mood I’m lookin’ for my future job Someplace that’s more subdued Boss keeps givin’ me grief I think this car might die It’s turning into a week To make […]

Famous Dex – Asthma Attack Lyrics (feat. Rich The Kid & Jay Critch)

[Famous Dex: Verse 1] Dexter! Dexter! (Bankroll Got It) Ha! Yeah! Money on me, on my teeth I keep a .30 on me .30 is right in my jeans I call Fatdaddy you know that he shootin’ for free Ha, yeah, he shootin' for me Huh, yeah, yeah that's my twin We get the money, yeah, we win We […]