Les Savy Fav – Intro Lyrics

Bonjour et merci, nous vous remercions de votre attention Nous espérons que notre musique en vaut le coup Ces chansons ont été enregistrées durant la semaine après la St Valentin 1997, à ??room Williamsburgh, Brooklyn, NY, les États-Unis d’Amérique Asseyez-vous s’il vous plaît, posez vos mains sur vos genoux et fermez les yeux Les Savy […]

Social Club Misfits – One With The New Yorkers Lyrics (feat. Amari & Wordsplayed)

[Intro: Wordsplayed] Yeah yeah You see, come on, don’t lie to yourself like you could do this You drink Smart Water, I drink smarter water Your doors don’t do that Your girl don’t do that You’d be lying if you said they did Come on man, it’s all imported, all of it All of it […]

Bad Religion – Emancipation Of The Mind Lyrics

Walls of suspicion, spandrels of doubt Spasms of uncertainty, a world all inside-out Ubiquitous confusion, heads in the sand Self-appointed experts making claims they can’t defend or even understand The commons turned out to be a tragedy Oh, the victims are easy to find But the wellspring of true liberty is emancipation of the mind […]

Digitalism – Destination Breakdown Lyrics

[Verse 1] Lifelong somersault Touching all the night stars Destination overhaul The vintage men still haunt Midnight, morning Payback supplement Listen to the warning I’m bringing you to iceland [Chorus] Call to the masses I know it’s just a long shot The most colorful sunset Disco-vision nonstop [Verse 2] Hot sensations, ice cold energy Calling […]

Izabell – Ka Du Vil Lyrics (feat. Kriminell Kunst, Vatr, Kiddo Kash, Lings, Icy Arn, Wayra Taqui & Stini)

[Intro: Izabell] Wooh, aha, Izabell [Vers 1: Izabell] Attitudeproblemer, gje de Izabell Trekke i trådene som Gepetto, STVG Kartell Bygge det opp med mitt ego, en jævel med Lego Kaste opp tusen tusenlapper, shoo, Iza har blitt emo Bare gi meg placebo, eg e sukker, du e zero Du smiska medisin, og eg va under […]