Casey Veggies – All Eyez On Me

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I said my lifestyle’s so wavy
Shawty wanna fuck with Young Casey
At 21 they said that dude was so crazy
At 23 I’m glad I still got no babies
I been around your block, now shorty what you got
I need a chick that give me everything she got
I’m interested in who you are, not what you’re not
When we hit the grove you know I love to go and shop
It’s in the bag man I’m finna cop
I left a note up on the counter, gotta get the guap
I’m riding ’round windows tinted cause the city hot
I really run the town, pay the rent a lot
I’m sipping Hennessy like 2Pac
All eyez on me bitch yeah I’m the reason why the crew hot
That type of shit y’all rapping ’bout in these rap songs get you shot
He run around with the wrong crowd, try to find his way to a new spot
I got that game girl, I might get your friend
Just being honest, put y’all together and get it in
I wake up every morning knowing I’ma get the win
I had a vision, I stayed with it, stuck to the plan
They got this shit on playback
I should’ve been on that XXL Freshmen cover like way back
Life Changes a classic, yeah nigga I stay fat
They slept on me, I’m somewhere first class just laid back
She wanna be my new thing
I told the girl I came from the Playaz Circle like 2 Chainz
New name is CV, think she got it all but she need me
She down to roll, I’m on the bike, she in the basket like E.T
I’m the one like Keanu Reeves
Boat full of hoes like Kyrie
It’s something about a real nigga
I love when girls get on their knees
Shout out my bro [?]
[?] on everything, we bout to go crazy
Ride down on [?], made a right on [?]
I love the vibe of a LA girl, I can tell it’s her by the way she say it
Wipe me down like Boozie, I love the way that she do me
Young niggas been doing this since we was going to [?]
Back in 8th grade yeah middle school when I was just that little dude
Hate a nigga you ridicule, I’m really tired of interviews
Gettin’ dough, I salute you though
Real shit I fuck with it
All my niggas is self-made
If you dick riding I don’t fuck with you
I can’t rock with you, I got no love for you
Your girl notice it too, I feel bad for you
I’ll stop right now if I’m lying
I’m so west side, baby [?] rider
[?] it off, do we have a buyer
They be lying walking ’round saying he ain’t flyer
I be fresh in my own attire
Young nigga hot like a lit lighter
Young nigga hot like a fucking fire
And you still owe me money nigga, where’s the wire
And she gon’ give me top, that’s what she desire
And she get the job done is I get tired
PNCINTL is the empire
And you know I’m CEO, I can’t get fired
Baby pass [?] fire
She remind me of that Janet Jackson or Mariah
Hot damn don’t be shy, girl dance on me
I can feel that ass through them pants on me
You and me didn’t really plan on it
You just came through, you know I had to put my hands on it
Damn shorty, yeah shorty, god damn shorty
Louis V my belt, Gucci pants shorty
Whole fit cost like five bands on it
We was together but you switch up like a Transformer
I can’t believe we made it all the way this far
I’m with the bros, we left the show, she in my car
It’s a celebration, I might just buy out the bar
We put on for the city, they know who we are

Yeah man. All eyez on me, all eyez on me
[?] coming soon
You dig what I’m saying
It’s just a little taste of what’s to come
We ain’t playing no games
PNCINTL the empire, that’s on my momma
I love you momma

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