Chri$ Born – Let The Beat Speak

I love you Chri$ Born

Hold up, what can I say
Barely wanna talk, gotta let the beat speak
Nigga asking "Yo Chris, where the beats be?"
Ain’t no hand out, why your hands out?
No deal, nigga, ‘less you got the bands out
In the DM, askin’ help her mans out
Unless you throwing some girl, you ain’t helping no
Perfect storm comin’ something like Nelson tho
Hold up nigga, I am a wave
No dance shit, I’m on the rave
On the road less travelled, nigga I’mma pave it
Rap going down, yeah nigga gotta save it
When I’m in the game, I’m ’bout to put it on hold
When I’m in this shit I’ve gotta leave ’em all froze
Yup nigga, my life a show
Really ’bout that life, sure that shit ain’t just for show
No hook, one verse, all I got for this
In the midst of greatness when you standin’ next to this
Lot of faith in myself, ain’t it evident
Swear man, this really be my element
Lately I ain’t really been feeling up to it
But, so unhappy when I don’t do it
Yeah, tryna live a life so sweet
Fuck it, I’mma go ahead and let the beat speak

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