Chris Miles – Dear Everyone Lyrics

This place saw a massacre
Yeah, I’m in the ocean where the waves look lavender
Cool people love me but the lames so mad at us
And if they sleeping on me they should take more Adderall
Ya, ya, ya
Man, they can never catch us
I been running ever since I heard about a desk job
Sounds like a dead end, I kill shit, no (?)
I pound on the Heavens, requesting to meet God, but
He’s a busy guy
And it is difficult to get this off my mind
I’m just tripping, but it’s nothing ’cause eventually we die
And that’s a pessimistic way to look at life
Ain’t it crazy, all these people just be preaching like they wise
Couple years older tryna give my ass advice through a different set of eyes
But we do not see your likes
Stupid loser, I just do it for the mic
They don’t do it too precise
They say I’m not advanced, and all those kids at school who did not understand me think I’m wasting time because they mind is tampered, watch me cop a mansion on your college campus
And I would do it just to stunt
Started in the back but we brought it to the front, oh no
I don’t think they got the hunch
Man, you know I go wild on these chumps like
They talking crazy, got no acknowledging sentences
Tell her to come and kick it then kick her off of the premises
Tell them I’m on a mission to turn these visions to Benjamins
Been the shit for a minute depending on what your interest is
And if you like me, that’s cool
Flowing so dirty like public pools
I am not with the authority’s rules, I just live in the forest from autumn to June
Let’s take a walk to the moon
Wait, actually, that would be wack
‘Cause there is no sound up in space and I don’t think that I would be able to rap
Not in the class
I would be sleeping, these teachers is trash and they teaching me trash but I puff out my chest and say I don’t know none ’bout your tests if you not the one cutting my checks
What do dummies expect?
Not a masseuse, but I’m coming for necks
I’m a doctor like Seuss when I’m rhyming, it’s sick
Yeah I got all the juice, you can not take a sip
Tryna hop out the coupe with a modelling chick
All the broads who were rude now say I am the shit, that’s the wildest trip
Homie, I must admit that I’m tired of this
Could you do me a solid and hop off my…
Did I forget to say?
I’m only sixteen so technically this is rape
But I don’t think you care, and I don’t care neither
‘Cause society is weird but baby I’m a little weirder
I’mma hop on my computer
And go shopping for clothes
Oh, you want something? Let me think, no
I’m on the go
Never got time ’cause, yeah, I’m boutta blow
But they already know

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