Don Trip – Ask Juicy J Lyrics

I pay money for a shooter
Double if he catch you in ya sleep
Lil nigga only like 5’3 but the clip on the K hang down to his knees
Poor ol me got hittas on lease
Meanwhile I don’t care nothing but the beat
I just paid way too much for a brand new car and the roof playin Hide & Go Seek
A feature’s out the question I don’t care bout the Cheese
I don’t give a shit or piss about the hottest MC
You niggas ain’t real as I thought y’all be
I was naive shame on me
You can get stomped barking up my tree
My niggas is my niggas even when we disagree
Between you and I, I can still let it fly with the bricks but I chose to take an absence of leave
Money money money yeah I got it on my mind
I answer all calls when a dollars on the line
My homie in the wheelchair thought his homeboy had his back til that same nigga shot em in his spine
100 came for me to scribble on the dotted line
Now a nigga shopping one album at a time
I bought a red dot told me gon kill the game doing everything I can do not let em down
What use is the truth if you like it watered down
Bitch its the trap not a mutha fuckin lounge
Niggas at the steps when the smell the food cookin
When its time to go hunt they nowhere to be found
Mutha fuckin clowns but I don’t worry about it
3 ring circus 4 rings on the Audi
Grow my beard out double clip on the chopper
Wrap the flag around my head bitch I’m strapped like a saudi talk to em

(Juicy J)
Man these niggas don’t understand real life my nigga. you know what I’m sayin? These niggas still living with they mamma mane. be all…Be all on Instagram and snapchat and shit. Like they got jewelry, they got money and shit and living with they mutha fuckin mamma mane. You know what I’m sayin? and have to…and have to ask another nigga “Aye bruh loan me some money man.” “Bruh I’m tryna get my car..ju…”Nigga fuck that!
I tell all these broke ass, petty ass niggas, SHUT THE FUCK UUUP!

What he said
My am I tired
Watching Zoey broke got me mighty inspired
40 in my draws and the clip poking out of my shirt like the pegs on a bicycle tire
Fletch in the feds and his baby mamma wise
Tell em hold his head he’ll be home in no time
Answer every call, every time, anytime, it’s the least I can do shit I’m on the outside
Here stands the truth in a room full of lies
But you can’t pull me out like I’m wearing a disguise
Cause these niggas so fake and it looks so good
Got ya lil silly ass rappin flying blind
Nah I can’t see worth shit but thats fine
Reflex scope nigga I can hit a dime from like 75 yards
Going down wind, eh might take me like 2 or 3 times
I remember mamma had to go put in that lay away singing 3 babies no daddy still made the way
Now I’m trying pay her back with money that I made today
Finally I’m not afraid imma leave a paper trace
All my brothas hold me down like ankle weights
I got yo bitch in my living room hanging drapes
Either I’m too lazy or these windows too big
House empty like I moved in yesterday
I mean its furnished but I’m too busy to decorate
I’m not even in the kitchen I don’t miss the cake
I’m in my garage with my blueprints drawn
In this mutha fucka tryna plan a prison break
I’m the man for the job not a minute late
I’m just out here getting to that money I’m not in a race
Snappin in this bitch like we still playin pencil break
Only thing worse than empty pockets is an empty safe
Talk to em

Juicy J
Don’t trip mane, this shit crazy mane cuz you know in this game mane, niggas out here be wanting you to feed them and shit
You know what im sayin?
Like they some mutha fuckin ally cat or something nigga
You know what im saying?
Like a dog or something mane
Mane like, niggas need to get out here and get they own shit
You know what, you feel me Trip?
You know what im saying man like
Niggas..niggas ain’t like us man
Niggas dont know how to hustle
You know what im sayin stack they bread
Niggas be spending all they money on some ol stripper bitch

Say that
I’m a few hundred short to get a Maybach but my driveway still lookin like a race track
Neighborhood watch I got 20 something guns here bad boy take that
I suggest that you pray that that you make it out alive
30 shot 12 gauge bitch if I miss once I get 29 more tries
Now back to the doe
Its been a long time since a nigga been broke
Shit I can’t remember last time I seen a roach
Actually…it really wasn’t long ago
But point is I grind like a never had shit
Scratch that I grind like I don’t have shit
I did a lot of ignorant shit back then
Shoulda coulda woulda I don’t live in past tense
Flyest as superman if he came from the hood
Now if only I could use these powers for good
But I ain’t got nothing for a nigga but a slug
I’m all over my cream like I’m pouring hot fudge
Holy fuck! Gouly! Gotham! Batman Just pulled up with a plug
Slingin that poison ivy, he be like fuck
Laughing like the joker to the bank keep countin up
I can’t let you count for us then I be fuckin up
And that’s no fun
She like, “Baby that sucks. Where is the trust?”
I’m like, “In my kids’ trust fund”
Ain’t I conceded my pockets stay hungry andIi got to feed em
My family depends on me, I gotta lead em
So I get the money and then I repeat it and then I repeat it

Juicy J
We gon keep on grindin

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