Donna Fargo – It Would Have Been Just Perfect lyrics

I can almost feel his footsteps
As he tip toes through my mind
And plays upon the memory
Of what was his and mine

Through this finger print window pane
We watched the seasons change
And scolded out and justified
And bragged and complained

I can’t remember was it yesterday
Or a thousand years ago
When you made me a wedding band
From a string made of gold

When blushes brought confessions
Of what words would deny
When we analyze the meaning
Of a hello you and good-bye

Foundations were laid and tempered plain
And tears in time and all of it’s domains
But I’m not be comin’ back to us
And all that we were sure of

Was the word of a woman and a man
At this table in the corner
We went all around the world
And we gave our first crowns to wear

When he called me his girl
But naturally reality played hard it seems sometimes
And more than once we tripped and fell
Learned something every time

But life is almost as happy
As these memories make it seem
And it would have been just perfect
If only I could have loved him

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