Nujabes – Perfect Circle lyrics

[Hook 1]
Three hundred and sixty five days in a daze
Spent up in a screen of purple haziness
My affair with this lady named laziness
Laissez-faire mon frère, au revoir les enfants
And… on and on it goes like a marathon
On and on it goes till the break of dawn of a new era
Who better to usher in the age of extras, et cetera, et cetera?

[Verse 1]
The one and only almighty and holy
Omnipresent and potent to show thee
The jubilee of free will at work for food for thought
Who would have could have should have said and done this and that
After the fact and fiction blended like a broken dictionary
Are we supposed to carry on all alone
By any means necessary, act tough when it’s scary?
Fair enough, the moon has a dark side
The sun shines like there’s not another day to waste in haste
A hot sec since the last time it got kinda cold to the bone
O Mi Deo Gloria, when the mind expands the body finds a temple
Inner area in which to flip the scripture
Dip the pen and picture in my heart, a scene apart
It’s a perfect circle
It’s a perfect circle

[Hook 2]
Three hundred and sixty degrees in a breeze
Sitting on top of the world it sure feels
Like a million souls are trying to eat
Off a plate worth a buck and nobody gives a nut yeah
Round and round it goes like a Merry-go and
Round and round it goes like a Ferris wheel and
Everybody knows that this earth is round but
Most of us still live like the world is flat

[Verse 2]
Clap, clap your hands to this beat
Celebrate word, life, and friends soon to be
All city, all state, then come across home plate
Talk about life mission on the journey to make
Hate and love, shove and hug, mate and fun, fate and luck
Break and bake the bread and cheese and let the day pass by
Fade into the past like an old calendar page
Chilling like barrels, taste finer with age
All the blessings on this planet disappear when taken for granted
You see the writing on the granite, understand it?
Follow though the steps till we meet before we’re obsolete
Even it it’s oblique to me, it’s a perfect circle
It’s a perfect circle
It’s a perfect circle

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