Skeme – How Could I Be Blamed Lyrics

[Hook: Skeme]
How could I be blamed
How could I be blamed
How could I be blamed (yuh)
How could I be blamed
Straight out the struggle and pain
I’m a product of the wildest environment
So how in the fuck could you blame me
If it was you, you do the same thing

[Verse 1: Skeme]
If it was you, you do the same thing
I’m from the muhfuckin sword of the land
The originators of the gangbang
Squad rockin all these stupid cuban cuban links
We the chain gang
All I ever knew was oppression
Never knew them diamonds you see when the chain swing
My niggas want murder and drama
Don’t give no fuck bout no peace
I got water in them VVS diamonds
Put the SOX all round the piece
Po’ up a fo’ of that mud, that oil
All flappin, no grease
Still I ain’t slept in this bitch in a week
That young nigga here he a beast

[Hook: Skeme]

[Verse 2: Skeme]
How in the fuck you line up in a lane with a boss?
You ain’t even cut from the cloth
You ain’t with business at all
He ain’t no beast, he a bitchboy
Won’t even ride for the cause
Ima shot caller bitch, if it’s one time only I could call it off
Bought a shotgun sawed off
Threw the window we go shooting cause they saw it all
Westside! Westside!
Straight out that muhfuckin street where the shit raw
I’m laughin at (?)
Real recognize real, G shit
I see it in ya eyes you ain’t got it in ya

[Hook: Skeme]

[Verse 3: Dave East]
Again you niggas play the blame game
I was in the trap, David Blaine thing
We all grew up round the same thing
Half the homies I know gangbang
Other half still in the streets
They rather press up a piece
Shit, I got a clip on me now
I gotta get rich off it now, yeah
Swear this is all that I knew, put us all up in coupes
Rollies and chains, I get all of it duke
Shoutout to Duke, he rollin with me
He get all of it too
VVS diamonds they dancin on me
Carats on carats on carats, but I won’t go back to the P
I turned me to something from nothing
And they wanna turn that to me
How you pin that up on me

[Hook: Skeme]

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