Tommy Lee Sparta – Not A Badness Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Ready fi circle dem wid a tall clip
Little cray fish swear seh dem a artist
Tommy you cyaa diss
Gunpoint mi naw miss
That a nuh badness, hold on wa you call this?

These banana clips nuh sell a market
Badness you a chuck youth better you park it
See him pon a plane and afraid fi pass mi
Bwoy good as waa piss and cyaa piss

Sparta no rifle wi nuh short a
No weh else nuh full a gun like Gaza
Teach dem a lesson shot long like maga
Find out pon the border dem deh a gi braughter
Create another disaster
Cyaa Ricochet goal keeper mi a kick off a
See him pon a stage, performance dry
Suh dem buss him forehead wid a bottle a water
So you can gwaan act not a bad, suh gwaan chat
Woozie pon rapid, clap it mi naw stop
Fully auto the…..shot off lox
Vultures and maggots feed pon you caucus

Suh wa you call that? Not a badness
Mi waan fi know wa you call that
A wa you call that
Mi waan fi know weh you call that

(Verse 2)
Mi naw thump out, pull mi guns out
Squeeze the chigger a live rounds a pump out
See him pon the plane as the day mi name
You waan si him a try pull the window fi jump out
How him seh him bad? As him si mi him punk out
Shakey! Like him did deh pon some coke
Tommy know seh dem fear man
Dawg as the plane land door fly
Road runner run out
Naw do no crime too f**king lie
Which four rifle? Four catapult him buy
Mi run een pon a endz everybody a die
Before him apologize full him up a hallopoint
Crate a evoke like sparrow, a suh marrow a fly
When the thompson a fire 50 carbine
Dem a sing bout gun weh dem have and a hype
And when the guns out war start dem cyaa find

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mi naw wait till the nine night over
Walk out bare face rifle pon shoulder
War get dread kill the coke smoker
Everybody weh fross dem haffi get sober
Full a tricks like poker, evil like joker
Militancy kill everybody Sparta soldier
When the clip dem empty time fi the forensic road full a lox
Si piece a nose yah
Boast bout three kill and never kill a man
How dem a tell lie and a put it in a song
Mi pull back the hammer in a forehead shot a slam
Blood a run a marathon, dem yah matic yah nuh jam
Ever strap, ever have a gun in a mi position
Glack in a mi hand, fling a bottle bomb in a the van
Kill dem a the Spartant tradition
You cyaa be a…..kill dem, kill dem
A the Spartant tradition

(Repeat Chorus)

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