Twisted Insane – Chop Suey (feat. Brotha Lynch Hung & Iso) (Shoot For The Face 2 Album)

[Intro: Brotha Lynch Hung]
This what I eat…
Naw this.. this is what I eat…
Naw.. naw this is what I eat
I.. I.. I.. eat this, ya know I mean?..
Yeah, enough, I’m done

[Verse 1: Brotha Lynch Hung]
246 forty five s -e -v -en
Catch you while you trick or treatin put you in the deep end
Anybody wanna get hit, I’ma spit shit right atchu
Put your body in the casket, all wrapped in plastic
I’ma get that meat!
Charboiled, barbecue, start a few, beefs, hardboiled, not normal
S -I -C -C, MA -DE, it’ll be a long time before you niggas wanna see me
I’ma get that deep, when I get heat, I’ma get 3 niggas
Put em in the napsack wit a back wrap Now you see niggas
Hit em up that’s that, is that I don’t really give a see nigga
We wit that shiznit, leavin your brain split it
Sicka then hard liquor I get em wit the break up, rape em
PC nigga that ain’t in my make up
I’ma need that (ronty bag?)
I see that enemy, yall sell that bullshit, I sell that "ten a key"

Nigga, CHOP SUEY (x2)
It’s that CHOP SUEY
They don’t really want wit a nigga that’ll catch a nigga slippin with the fully automatic then I gotta turn him into CHOP SUEY (x4)

[Verse 2: King ISO]
Ain’t nobody really here that fuckin wit the brainsick
And if a nigga thought he was I guess I gotta catch him slippin wit the stainless
Leave em brainless
Pop a nigga like a (little pill in the painless?)
Get em wasted
Bitch you wanna (fuck up on a nigga?) cause he famous
Nigga face it
I don’t wanna have to kill a nigga but I’m anxious
When I pull up on a nigga bodybag a mutherfucker like it was the matrix
We got a nation
Of mutherfuckers that’ll kill you for fuckin with brainsick
Nigga you basic, 9 millimeters be knockin you niggas up out of your Asics
You betta take six
Dat bitch (‘n her dick in?) wanna take this
They’ll be lined up on tour I tell bitches betta be patient
Chasin my tour bus tryna find out where insane went
Asian bitches let the nigga fuck and I think her name was Raylynn
They friends comin to the days inn
And they all wanna get brained in, they kin
Wit you nigga steady at the crib watchin kids in the playpen
Blazin, while the bitch suckin all up on my dick ‘n ima fuck her face then
Send her back to you with her legs bent, she’ll be leavin nigga by day ten
Amen, gettin sick of fake friends
Leave a nigga bloody need a apron
Put em on a plate then eat a mutherfucker I dont even say my grace then
Cake’n niggas stay broke, while I’m on the road, countin out my cake then
With a hoe that’ll give me throat you already know, that a nigga blazin
On the dro, then I gotta go, bitch I’m on the road
I’ma keep you waitin
I don’t know, where the (?) i dont even know what the fuck the date is
I got a chrome, ‘n I gotta zone, ‘n I’m in a zone, ‘n I’m hella faded
Gotta hoe, that’ll give me doe, (muckin’?) with a comb finna get me braided
Gracious goodness, got a rich bitch ‘n babies hoodrich
Like a big time and bitch I’m cool maybe goodrich
In the kitchen whippin wit my killas, they be cookin
If a nigga thinkin’ they could fuck with me think then they mistooken
Whippin it whippin it real good like a babies whoopin
Niggas ain’t sicka then us we hard n they be cushions
Sick of niggas always actin like they hard and got toolies
(I fully?) I’ma catch a nigga with a chopper then turn that nigga into

Nigga, CHOP SUEY (x2)
It’s that CHOP SUEY
They don’t really want wit a nigga that’ll catch a nigga slippin with the fully automatic then I gotta turn him into CHOP SUEY (x4)

[Verse 3: Twisted Insane]
I’ma have to go into a different level cookin like a devil
I don’t wanna settle heat em up ‘n then I eat a bitch up like wonton
Pull the millameter yes was a heater send a bitch into a swan song
OG babalooey choppa suey
Mutherfucker long gone eat your bon bons
Comin to the fullest I’ma pull up while you in your long johns
Have you wish you woulda stood up at the fatest of the competition wit the razor
Blade, they don’t want the fade I’ma have to pull up on em with the tazer
Nigga please, don’t nobody beast, I’ma put your face in a cheese grader
Fuck a conversation on who greater, I’m Ali, with the chopping Cut the meat up eat it with the Saki, pop me little Teryaki
Apollo creed the nigga like I’m rocky, Daniel son and Mr. Miyagi
They don’t want it with em seriously eat a mutherfucker like hot takis wit karate
California roll up on a mutherfucker stop me
This be kinda shit up in the mini me walk up on a nigga poppin
But she sloppy
Always wait for you to put off work and then she got me
Comin’ in ya back it all up in your kitchen (hit it while she’s talkin’?)
No bugatte
Just a bucket I been yellin fuck it hop up in the back I suck it, I be reala said I (do it here?) ‘n leave the pussy all snotty
Every single bitch I ever gave a dick nigga can’t nobody top it probably is the reason when a nigga skiddin I be trying cut it like hydroxy
Too cocky
I been in the Phillipines smokin on broccoli
Roll up on em hit em wit the soya sauce get away on kowasaki
I’ma fiend
I’ma type a nigga grippin all up in your B -M’s, little D -M, when I be him, the relationships are rocky try and stop me
Niggas always wanna underestimate the razor
I don’t wanna get (?) tell the bitches hit me on the pager
I’m on a different level you don’t wanna meddle reachin for the devil couldn’t even mess around ‘n get the better of me homie ain’t nobody comin greater
Choppin everybody anybody wanna get it
Ciroc on your beef come up wit heat
So why the fuck you wanna book
Nowadays these lil niggas wanna come in like they on top
Run up out kitchen it gets hot, real when I cook that

Nigga, CHOP SUEY (x2)
It’s that CHOP SUEY
They don’t really want wit a nigga that’ll catch a nigga slippin with the fully automatic then I gotta turn him into CHOP SUEY (x4)

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